EXCERPT 6’ 45’’ / link to the full version on request
Video-installation, HDV, 16:9, colour, sound, 23’ 22’’.


This film is a reflection on the idea of development and the Faustian will of the human being to extend the territory limits and to impose its force before the forms of the Nature. However, it is avoided to offer a position of ecological militancy, because in fact the plot is based on the observation of that persistence of the human being to impose before the landscape, understanding modernization like a primitive gesture that is repeated in historical time. In that sense, the film aims at affirming a hope for transformation that should be seen as timeless and universal. At the same time, it is a comment on the dosed power of the man and how insignificant human efforts are, and on the contradiction of an action that is composed of two verbs: to destroy and to construct. What we call nowadays modernity is a future ruin. It is, mainly, in this perspective that the figure of ruin is evoked to suggest the structures that we construct in the present are going to finish inevitably in the deep sea. Under the form of visual essay, this film shows different tensions that evoke the Modernity flow of contradictions, where the city and the landscape are spaces in constant transformation and in permanent evolution. Thus, the territory is defined as a theater of choreographies that feeds with the effort and, presenting it in that way, the gesture proves to be the raw material of change and transformation of the world.