LE REGARD CORRESPONDU (2008-2009) (The Corresponded Glance)

“…an object when we look at it, which becomes
at the same time a glance when we visit it…
the Tower is an object that sees and a glance that is seen…” Roland Barthes

This proposal understands the urban context as a coordinate, as a location point. At the same time, it is a landscape which can be seen from different perspectives. For the visitor, this is a drill of the double reading that does not force to take an only point of view.

These are photographs of some parts of the city, seen from the Tower perspective and vice versa, photographs of landscapes where the Tower is embedded, thus taking a leading role. In each of the diptychs, the left picture represents the city seen from above, where the edge of the shadow originated by the Tower decides the place from where the picture at the right was taken. Urban landscape seen from the Tower takes a didactic role, and the arrow-shaped shadow represents and becomes a urban presence.

When the Tower is seen from the city and vice versa, a mirror game is set out, which establishes a sort of interdependency between both places. This forces to question the point of view, the place from where the glance is attracted when coming closer to the landscape.

The formal repetition presents urban surface as a wide platform to contemplate, objectify and take ownership of the Tower, and it is precisely the Tower which, at the same time, allows the visual ownership of the city.

100 x 100 cm.
Series of 9 diptychs,
archival inkjet print
from 120mm. color negative film.

This photo series has been made with the generous support of the Institut Français