Stills from the video-happening.

IT NEVER POURS BUT IT RAINS (Shabbat at High Noon) #1 (2017)

The starting point of this project is a reflection on the idea of nation that can be explained and defended through religion, and the religion as a mechanism of political segregation.

As a second part, and a counterpoint of the video work “It Never Pours but It rains”, “Shabbat at High Noon” also takes the form of a video-happening. Situated in an indeterminate place near Jerusalem, on the edge of the Green line, with a settlement as a background, and over the ruins of a Palestinian village; this action consists in symbolically breaking the support of the written word. Either the law of God, or the law of the Man, words and statements overtake the human scale until the moment that humans empower themselves and define history in other ways.

2017, Video-happening, HDV, 16:9, colour, sound, 02’ 19’’.

This video work has been made with the generous support of the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst AFK