IT NEVER POURS BUT IT RAINS (Shabbat at High Noon) (2016)

During a normal day of Shabbat, I walk around Tel Aviv and put notes over the sidewalk, under the place where air conditioning systems drop water. Little by little, these messages disappear. They are written by hand, and they talk about the Israeli settlement in Palestine. Little by little, this kind of rain erases a sort of memory. People inside of those houses stay calm, because the heat of the High Noon will not change the inertia of the Shabbat.

The drop of water represents the slow and patient, but continuous work of the Zionism on the domination of the Palestinian population, over many decades. It also refers to the primary element that is a matter of power in the area. On the other hand, It Never Pours but It Rains evokes the notion of rest and passiveness (proper of the day of Shabbat), in order to suggest the self-passiveness of the Israeli population in front of certain illegal procedures of its Government.

Video, HDV, 16:9, colour, 0’ 27”.