My work proposes the inherent transformation of everything, and the Modernity as a powerful source of transformation.

For the last 15 years, I followed up a current of big scale and structural transformation of my hometown city, Lima. My first photographic projects were focused on the architectural aspect of that change, and the modernisation of the city was in the center of my research. At the same time, I understood that that transformation is driven by the Modernity.

For me, it is very interesting to think my work existing under the influence of how is constructed and experienced the culture of the Modernity in this specific part of the planet. With the implications of being a former colony that became a developing country (1821).

The language of my work found foundation on specific concepts related to the intermediate space. If the in-between, latency and suspension are all of them figures often present on my projects; friction, contradictions and paradoxes associated to the change and the process are the matter of my work.

Since 2014, the moving image turned into the main medium of my work. Lately, I have been worked on 3 new videos, which I understand at the same time as reflexion and synthesis about my long term research on Modernism, and a 3-years research about Nationalism, which is another aspect of the Modernity.

I understand this new direction as a result of what seems to be a symptom of our age: raising of extreme right-wings all around the world. Nationalism is current, and my research puts specific attention in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which its particular narrative pulls arguments from both nationalism and religionism.

Instead of the friction between 2 states, now, time and space are worked from the notion of the Present Moment. Changing medium, changed problematic, and now my subject is constructed from the simultaneously of the times and spaces. Using a time-based medium there is a will of showing the transformation as an ephemeral -plentiful- moment that happens in front of the eyes of the spectator.

With the video as a medium, I am also trying to turn the act of representation into a state of mind, as an experience of suspension.